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Survivor: NFL - Season 11 Rules

  • Pool Format

  •       The Survivor: NFL pool is a season-long competition covering the 17-week NFL regular season. For those unfamiliar with this pool format, your goal is to simply pick one winning NFL team per week. You pick your winner straight-up (no point spread), but you must pick a different team every week. If your team wins, you survive to play the next week, but if they tie or lose you are eliminated from the pool. Buy-back options are available and will be discussed in a separate section. The last surviving player receives the jackpot! If more than one entry is still alive at the end of the season, the jackpot will be split evenly among the remaining entries.

  • How Do I Join?

  •       You MUST be 18 years of age to play! After you have read all of the Rules, go to the Registration Page (it's too late to register this year - check back next year!) to sign-up for your entries in this competition. Once we receive your entry information, you will receive an email confirmation to verify your email address. It will also contain the details on paying your entry fee. If someone referred you to our pool, when signing up for your account, place the person's name in the Reference field of the registration form. If you refer someone to play, have them do the same, and you can earn pool credits that you can use to join future competitions. You MUST register using your legal name and correct residence. If you provide incorrect information - or if you attest to being over 18 years old and are not, you will be ejected from the pool and fees will not be refunded.

  • How Many Entries can I have?

  •       Each individual player may have up to 5 (five) entries. Each entry warrants a separate entrance fee. Each entry is COMPLETELY separate from the player's other entries. If you pick the Eagles for Entry #1, then Entry #1 cannot pick the Eagles again for the remainder of the season. This does NOT effect any of your other entries. They are only limited to picking teams that THAT entry has not already picked during the season.

  • Entry Fees and Deadlines

  •       The pool begins on Monday, September 2nd, 2019 and it will end once we have one sole survivor. (If the season ends with more than one survivor, the winnings will be spilt evenly amounst those remaining). The entry fee is $10 per entry, and this, of course, covers your entry for the entire year (or as long as you can keep your entry alive). Multiple entries per person ARE allowed (additional entry fees apply). The fee for a "Buy-back" is $15, and may only be used once per entry, and only before the start of the 6th week of the season. This year 35% of the collected entry and buy-back monies from the Survivor pool will be donated to the Whitney Point Preschool & Daycare .

    The deadline to join the NFL Survivor Pool is Saturday, September 7th, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. You must also submit your Week 1 pick AND PAY DUES before the first kickoff (1PM) on Sunday, September 8th. Remember, that will be your only opportunity to join the Survivor Pool; if you miss out, you will have to wait until next year!

  • How Do I Pay?

          We no longer use Paypal as a payment method. The Venmo service has workes very well for us since. Please try it and tet us know what you think!

    After you register, you will see a Venmo link after logging in. The easiest thing to do is to register for a Venmo account and pay via these links. However, you may pay by cash, cashier's check, or money order if you would like to - just PLEASE make sure that it gets to me before the first game of the season (for Dues), or the first game of the next week (for buybacks). Cashiers Checks, Money Orders or cash (in a sealed envelope with your name clearly printed) can be delivered either to Kim or Sandy, or put in the payment box at the daycare center. Snail mail works too - but please remember to let me know when to expect it.

    Address not visible unless logged in

    I will do everything I can to be accommodating with regards to payment, but let's face it - Someone who hasn't paid by week 1 may lose and then see no reason to actually pay... Therefore, unless previous arrangements have been made with me, anyone who has not paid by these deadlines will be dropped from the league.

  • Do I have to pay $10 EACH week???

  •       No, you only have to pay $10 for each entry at the beginning of the season. This keeps you in the game for as long as you keep picking winning teams. If one of your entries lose within the first five weeks, you then have the OPTION to pay $15 to resurrect that entry.

  • How Do I Play?

  •       Log in each week before the first kickoff on Sunday and pick a team for each of your entries. Each week's final cutoff time is Sunday at 1PM EST. At this time, all current picks will be locked, and all missing picks will be autoassigned (see below). Any teams playing Thursday or Saturday night games are not eligible to be chosen that week. Any team playing in a Sunday or Monday game IS eligible to be picked.

  • What if I forget to make my pick?

  •       Everybody makes mistakes. I do. You do. Some folks make a LOT. If the deadline passes and your pick hasn't been registered, each of your entries will be auto-assigned the home team on Monday Night Football (or the last game played in the week). If that team is unavailable to your entry, it will be assigned the away team. If both are unavailable, you will be assigned the home team on the last Sunday night game, and so on and so forth. You may take advantage of the autopick feature as often as you wish during the season.

  • I lost! Am I really out of the game????

  •       Well, that depends.... With every entry, you have the option to "buy back" into the pool if you lose during the first five weeks of the season. Each entry you buy back costs $15. If your entry loses before week 6 you have until the NEXT Sunday at 1PM to activate the buyback. If not activated by this time, the entry will be considered permenantly eliminated. (i.e You can not sit on a dead entry for a few weeks, and then opt to buy it back in just before the week 6 deadline). You may ONLY buyback ONCE per entry before the deadline of week 6 has been reached. If you lose again, you are out of the pool. If you lose or tie in week 6 or later, you are out of the pool.

    PLEASE NOTE that if you buyback into the game, the teams you picked earlier in the season are still NOT ELIGIBLE to be picked for the rest of the game.

  • EVERYBODY lost this week! What happens now????

  •       If everybody loses during any given week (except week 17) then each team that lost will be resurrected and able to continue the game. This does NOT count as a buyback, and no additional fees need to be paid by the players in this scenario. If all surviving entries lose on week 17, then these entries will all receive an equal share of the jackpot.

  • I think I found a bug in your website?

  •       I am not a professional programmer. If there can be bugs found in Microsoft's software, there is the chance a bug could be found in mine. If you stumble across a bug, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Anyone found taking advantage of a bug to unfairly make or change your pick will be disqualified without refund.

    So, if the website for some reason allows you to:
    1) Pick a game after it starts/ends
    2) Change your pick after the game starts/ends
    3) Pick a game that is not eligible that week

    DON'T DO IT. You know the rules. Just because a bug in the website may allow you to do it does not mean that you are not still breaking the rules - and since I timestamp ALL picks, it is very easy for me to see any picks that were made after their respective deadlines.

    Also - any attempts by you hacker-types to probe or alter my database will also be met with disqualification. I'm not messing around here - if I see any SQL injection attempts from your IP in my log, you're gone. End of story.

  • I can't access the website - how do I make my picks?
  • Remember - this website is a TOOL to help you enjoy this pool. Submitting your picks via text or email to me is just as valid a method as submitting them on this website. I will accept any that are timestamped before the 1PM ET deadline.

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